mardi 23 février 2010


What? What? What?
Would IIIII be a lazy motherfucker that didn't post on the blog since forever?
OK, it's true.
But you have to admit we've created the most incredible sunday afternoon ever last sunday with the Air Band contest!
Let me get something to eat and I'll post smtg on that.
Until then, here's what you can expect for next sunday, the 28th of february:

I know we suffer for fashion or whatever, forever, forever!
Thanks to, i was able to remember those great lines from i hope you know who.
Celebrate! It's a Designer Sale special that we bring you this week.
Some of the most talented young fashion designers of Berlin will bring you their items for sale, and you'd better jump on that kids!

Ria Grün, head of feu-Bar25's Circus is making us the honor to present a music program in the Kino.

Silver silver silver
Needles in the sky
And atlas satin
You'll make it to the top

Katerfrüstück / Pussy Breakfast
Last week's brunch was a great success. Also, it's not really a surprise because our chef is first class avant-garde motherfucker. So now, it's called Katerfrühstück / Pussy Breakfast because we're cool.

Ria Grün's prog.
Oy (live, Creaked, CH) - Dada + Gondy / groove x yeah yeah
Jean Wald & Wiese (DJ, Berlin) - Slow is the New Fast

The very exclusive Fun Club will host the ceremony of it's first 19,99€ AWARD in the HBC during the afternoon. More infos here:

Downstairs, find your happyness inside HBC's belly. If you get lost, remember Moby Dick and light a candle (or cigarette).

Yeah! Upstairs in our beautiful grey room. I talked about that earlier, if you don't remember, go top of the page.

And then, we'll be there to entertain you, tell you jokes, screen some cartoons on the TV, drink a little more and be awesome.

You want to sell? You're an awesome performer?

Yo Yo Yo
Sunday Extraordinaire

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